Have you ever tasted KAVOON?

If you have, you know what we are all about - delicious web design. But if you’ve yet to sample our mouthwatering designs, don’t waste another minute - come take a bite of KAVOON.

KAVOON (Ukrainian translation of watermelon) is a vibrant web design studio renowned for producing exciting and refreshing web sites. We are passionate about our designs and committed to giving your website a stylish and effective look.

KAVOON is our life, our calling, our vision!

Can you Resist KAVOON?


We have numerous tasty concepts that we can use to promote your business, and we bet that your customer’s will "eat" them up. How do we make our designs so appealing? We examine your requirements, determine what is "edible", then use our talents to create eye-catching, illustrative, and understandable designs that your visitors will love. We’ll give them a real appetite for your website!

Imagine that website design project is a scorching summer. The sun is beating down on you, the oppressive heat making your mouth unbearably dry. You don’t know how you are going to survive. But then you spot it...cool, juicy, enticing and refreshing...KAVOON.