Our design is always thought provoking, emotive and inspirational; this is what makes people come back for more. We are highly demanding of ourselves and strive to make designs that connect with people – we challenge their emotions and entice them to take action. And it is because we put our souls into our designs that our clients return to taste KAVOON over and over again.

Our team at KAVOON web design studio boast exceptional web and graphic design skills. Using our full range of creative talents, we can help you and your idea get noticed and stand out from the crowd.

A logotype, a corporate identity, a web-site – these are your visiting card and your “face” – our design will make your “face” beautiful and eye-catching!

Duke Rothschild once said: “I’m not rich enough to buy cheap things”. Those who make money, understand how to spend it wisely. KAVOON saves your time and, as a consequence, your money. A well planned-out web design results in a successful web site. The result is optimal profitability for you. Fast.

Where does Kavoon grow?

Ukraine, Eastern Europe - a fertile soil for the birth and realization of creative ideas.

This is a place of bright sun, boundless yellow fields, blue sea and green forests – the entire color palette of the four seasons. That is why the world around us is always filled with lively images and colours.

Ukraine’s geographical location, as well as its time zone UTC/GMT +2, allows our Kavoon web design studio to communicate with our clients as conveniently as possible. We generally work from noon (local time in Kyiv) till late (typically 3-4 PM EST) to accommodate the international nature of our business.

Ukraine is a young, developing country and our team is young and hard working. We cherish our traditions while embracing all that is new and progressive in design and in business. That is why KAVOON web design studio is so ripe!

Everybody has become used to eating fast food. Don’t be one of them! Change your eating habits and feel the taste of a good web design. Would you like fresh ideas, a bright and delicious package, and thirst quenching communication? Of course you would, so join us – take a bite of KAVOON.