testimonials on webdesign

Andrew Brooke, photographer

Kavoon, did an excellent job for me. They not only followed but added value to the brief, always with an eye on the detail and ready to provide solutions and support. They gave me more than I expected for the tight budget I had.

testimonials on webdesign

Sybilski Piotr, Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center, Polish Academy of Sciences

We are really happy with Kavoon’s product and design. Innovative solutions loaded with easy to use functionality. Very good contact and instant feedback during whole process, from contract details to the post production phase. We definitely recommend Kavoon, it is one of the best web desing studios on the market. They know how transfer your vision to the web.

testimonials on webdesign

Andy Gorelik, CEO, MKATek

It is best to have professionals do the work – that’s what I believe and that’s what I tell my clients. In that regard, Kavoon quickly became an essential part of my business. Their input, their design know-how, and their UI skills are absolutely crucial to achieving the overall customer satisfaction, and indeed, getting new business. Thank you!

testimonials on webdesign

Kaleem, Sutherbys Media Limited

I was searching for a highly professional web design portfolio and came across Kavoon. I found their designs to be high quality and professionally executed.

Kavoon is a good combination of creativity, communication, design ethics and customer support. I pretty much like everything about Kavoon, starting from friendly project managers to quality design and turn around time.

testimonials on webdesign

Frederik Van Lierde, Managing Director, Blue Oceans Ltd.

The profesionalism and the fast way of working , certainly with Yana as project manager.

Like: fast way of working and Yana can give input. I do not need to explain everything in detail, Yana and the team can imaging what i want. This is very important for my company!

Dislike: untill now, nothing :)

testimonials on webdesign

Meelovia company, CEO

We are very pleased with the layout, content and style of our website. Your Designer team have been first class and always ready to help. Olya has been of such a great help communicating our need and wishes to your design team.

testimonials on webdesign

Floris (cannot mention his second name and company)

I prefer your company because of your proactive approach to business development and great customer service. Also your prices are very competitive. I think you have a great entrepreneurial spirit and a high quality of output. I like that you respond quickly to my questions. I like that I get some benefits for being an old customer. I like that I have the flexibility to update my website myself, in a simple manner.

testimonials on webdesign

Khalil Marcano, Qasimah Magazine

— I preferred your company because it had the most unique web design and the best fit for the project within a reasonable price. Quite honestly it was perfect.

— Still forming my opinion about your company, but so far the relationship seems to be working well

— I like the fact that you respond immediately to my requests, communication is extremely important, especially in maintaining a good business relationship...you really take the time to understand my needs and then convert that into a sound design that perfectly displays our ideas and interests.

testimonials on webdesign

Erik Boos, Managing Director, Schicksrüeber: Xanlee GmbH

— It’s a pleasure to work with Marina and her team at Kavoon. Any and all projects were delivered on time with valuable creative input on the side of Kavoon. We will definitely recommend Kavoon!

testimonials on webdesign

Ann Godridge, Director, Qualia systems Ltd.

Kavoon was recommended by our friend, and after meeting and talking to Marina Ryazanskaya when she was in London I was happy to take his advice.

I like working with you, because you were very clear and helpful and patient when I had a question. You were also very quick to answer emails.